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Air conditioning Rose Bay, NSW

Commercial air conditioning needs are very different as compared to the residential needs and they require to be dealt differently. For any commercial establishment energy efficiency is the top most priority as they require air conditioners of huge scale which are energy intensive. That is why Elite Aircon provides such commercial establishments and the most energy efficient solutions so that they can achieve considerable savings on electricity bills and at the same time achieve the most effective cooling or heating. Many commercial establishments like server rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories or research rooms have very specific needs as to what level of temperature and humidity has to be maintained in the space. Therefore, commercial air conditioning has to be precise and at the same time economical. We are a renowned name among businesses for providing the best in class solutions for commercial establishments for air conditioning in Rose Bay.

Best installation services for HVAC

Elite Aircon is a brand well-known for providing best air conditioner installation services in Australia. We have been in the business for almost 20 years and all these years we have been providing the best in class services to our numerous customers. We deal in products from multiple brands and so you will get a huge range of products with us. For installation solutions for air conditioning in Rose Bay we possess the necessary expertise, knowledge and skill. We understand the requirements of commercial establishments and spend time in understanding what will be the best solution for any particular space. We can demarcate zones in the space and thus you will have the flexibility of managing the temperatures of each zone. Our technicians can offer valuable advice on air conditioning in Rose Bayand can help you in selecting the most energy efficient and effective solutions for your commercial establishment.

How we maintain your air conditioners?

Air conditioner need to be properly maintained in order to be effective and efficient. There are various maintenance needs like cleaning of filter, cleaning of ducts, scrutiny of wires and checking for leakages and clogging. We have a comprehensive checklist of all the maintenance requirements and we carry out proper maintenance of air conditioning systems to ensure that they long last and perform efficiently. We have all the necessary equipment that are needed to carry out proper maintenance and our technicians have in-depth knowledge of the whole process. For all maintenance needs for air conditioning in Rose Bay a number of commercial establishments depend on us and are very satisfied with our services. Since we strictly stick to Australian standards our services are of top notch quality. This also helps us maintain quality in all our services as we have set standards for all services.

If you think your commercial establishment in Rockdale requires installation or maintenance service providers for air conditioning in Rockdale then give us a call on 02 9666 1237 or send us an email on our email address You can also write to us on our mailing address, PO Box 530 Rockdale NSW 2216

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Our Guarantee

Elite Air Climate Control guarantee 12 months for all installation work carried out, knowing that in a unlikely situation some thing were to go wrong, we would be there to repair the problem.

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