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Air conditioning Randwick, NSW

Air conditioning solutions for the modern homes

Air conditioning needs of modern homes are different and while providing solutions for such modern homes it is important that the look and feel of the space is kept in mind. Modern homes usually need either a split air conditioner or a ducted one as these do not spoil the look of the home. Many homeowners are concerned about how much renovation their home will need after installing an air conditioner as the process might need drilling holes through walls or removing something. If you are in such a situation and you are looking for a service provider for air conditioning in Randwick that can provide you the most economical and viable solution then your search will end atElite Aircon. We specialize in dealing with modern homes in Randwick as we understand the needs of homes here. We can provide you solutions that will be durable, reliable and affordable.

Classy look that complements the space

Modern homes usually have a very elite look and feel. The colors and furniture of today’s homes are very peculiar and so the appliances that will gel with such an ambience have to be chosen wisely. We have a team of experts who specialize in the installation of split and ducted air conditioners. Split air conditioners are sleek and look elite and do not look out of the place when placed on a wall. Whereas, ducted air conditioners are best, when you are looking for a discreet air conditioning system. We have expertise in installation as well as maintenance of such systems and can also advice you on selecting the right product depending on your needs. You can give us a tentative list of your requirements and we can provide you a quick quote which will give you an estimate of the costs that you will have to incur.

Energy efficient solutions to ensure affordability

Energy efficient air conditioning systems are very much in news today because they help the consumers in lowering their electricity bill and at the same time they also ensure that the environment is not harmed with their usage. Such energy efficient systems sometimes have a higher initial set-up cost as compared to other air conditioners but once we measure the overall payback then it is realized that these prove to be much more economical. We specialize in providing energy efficient air conditioning in Randwick. At Elite Aircon we continuously strive to make the processes energy efficient and at the same time keep it affordable for our customers. When it comes to commercial establishments affordability and thus energy efficiency are of even greater importance. However, making the system affordable does not mean we should compromise on the effectiveness. We make sure that enhancing one of these does not lead to deterioration in the other characteristics. The latest technologies help us in achieving this in the most efficient manner.

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Our Guarantee

Elite Air Climate Control guarantee 12 months for all installation work carried out, knowing that in a unlikely situation some thing were to go wrong, we would be there to repair the problem.

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