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Ducted Systems Air Conditioning

Ducted systems air conditioning: Perfect for whole-house comfort

Keeping your cool has a lot to do with having the right air conditioning system at home. And we have just the solutions for you. At Elite Aircon, get your hands on great brands at great prices. Choose from one of our ducted systems air conditioning and enjoy whole-house comfort all through the year. Beating the heat in the coming summer months was never this easy because we are the store you can rely on for your every need. With the best brands available and in stock, it is easy to choose a ducted systems air conditioning that works for you and fits your budget.

Ducted systems: The last word in elegance and comfort

More and more people are choosing to go for ducted systems air conditioning for the simple reason that it is the smart thing to do. They provide many benefits and are quite different from traditional systems.

  • Concealed installation: The compressor is placed outside your home while the indoor unit is installed under your floors or on the ceiling, making it easy for you to enjoy a clutter-free look.
  • Zones: Zoning features let you choose specific zones in your home which requires heating or cooling at particular times during the day.
  • Saving energy: They are more energy efficient and help you save on your electricity bills.
  • Whole-house comfort.
  • Wall controller: Lets you have easy access to all features.

The store that has it all: Ours!

Our store truly has it all when it comes to cooling solutions to deal with the harsh Australian climate. Whether you need a ducted systems air conditioning or a split system, we have a good many number of renowned brands for you to choose from. We also have many special offers. For instance, you get $100 cash-back when you refer us to someone. At only $99, you get maintenance and annual services. You also get access to expert advice when you choose us. Quality installation is what we are all about so when you buy your ducted systems air conditioning, make sure you buy it from us!

If you are looking to buy a ducted systems air conditioning for your home or office, we are the right people to call! At Elite Aircon, call us today at our phone number 02 9666 1237 or email us at to enquire about our products or services.


A ducted system can be zoned to different parts of your home or office, allowing you total climate control and confort.

Layout can consist of:

  • Zone 1: Bedrooms
  • Zone 2: Kitchen and Family Room
  • Zone 3: Dining and Living Room

Ducted System Features

  • Concealed Installation
  • Reverse cycle heating and cooling
  • Total comfort throughout every room
  • Wall Controller
  • Choice of outles

Ducted Systems Air Conditioning

Today, homeowners everywhere focus on making their home spaces more comfortable and many are opting for cheap ducted air conditioning. These types of systems provide a climate- controlled environment right through your home. These installations can be set up in an ideal manner in your home and we can also match any current single-ducted AC you may have. They are especially designed to cool all the different areas in your home, in a seamless manner.

They are perfect for home and office spaces and can be designed in a multiple-zone- this means the AC can be operated in different areas right through the day. We at Elite Air have been in this space for over two decades; in this time we have handledducted air conditioning installation in Sydney for a large number of commercial and residential customers.

The Installation

We understand that every customer will have some unique needs and we go out of the way to meet those requirements with thebest ducted air con unit. This is how the system is installed:

  • These systems have an indoor unit and an outdoor. The former is typically located in the ceiling, right under the roof; in some instances, it may be situated at floor level too. This will be based on your specific requirement and the structure and layout of the space that has to be air conditioned.
  • We install flexible ductwork; these distribute the conditioned air via large vents that reach different areas on the house
  • The AC compressor will be installed outside the house
  • All the systems we fit on your property will be MEPS compliant (Minimum Energy Performance Standards)

Most property owners prefer these systems because they allow you the flexibility to cool/heat all the spaces in your home and you have the flexibility to adjust the temperature in very space too- this is called zoning. When we handle this job, you are also assured of the most cost-effectiveducted air conditioning installation cost. We prioritise providing high quality at very reasonable pricing.

Inverter-based system

One more important feature of this system is that it is inverter-based; it consistently adjusts the heating as well as the cooling output, based on the current temperature in each room. Once the desired temperature has been reached, the system ensures that the temperature is maintained at that point. When you have such advanced AC technology on your property, you want to be assured that it works at optimum levels and that it gives you years of trouble-free service. We understand this and in addition to installation solutions, also provide excellent ducted air conditioning repairs and maintenance services.

We are the company that provides end-to-end AC installation, maintenance and repair solutions that will match your specific needs. If you are looking for the best ducted air conditioner brand, we are the company to come to. For more information, call Elite Air today at 0296661237. You can also connect with us via this contact us form on our website. For a no-obligation quote, you can use this online form.

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